Engineering Section

Engineering section is an important component of the administrative infrastructure of Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University. The section mainly works on all matters subject to the control of the Building Committee. The Building committee advises the Executive Council on all matters related to construction of buildings, repairs, alteration, additions to existing buildings,, select and recommend site or acquisition, accord technical sanction to the plans and estimates, and expenditure. The composition of the Building Committee wherein members nominated for the period of two years, as per additional Statute 3 of the University Act is as below:

1 Kulpati(Ex-officio) Chairman (Ex-officio)
2 The Chief Engineer – PWD (B& R) CG or his nominee not below the rank of Superintending Engineer Member
3 One nominee of the Raipur municipal Corporation Member
4 The Collector of Raipur Member (Ex-officio)
5 Two members nominated by the executive council not necessarily from amongst themselves 1. Prof. Rajesh Tripathi, HoD, Civil Dpt. NIT, Raipur.
2. Prof. Abeer Bandhopadhyaya, HoD, Architecture Dpt. NIT, Raipur.
6 The Registrar Member (Ex-officio)
7 The University Engineer Member Secretary (Ex-officio)

The present structure of Engineering Section is as below:

1 K.P. Tiwari (On Contract) University Engineer 94255-11646 Over all
2 U.P. Rastogi (On Contract) Sub engineer 98271-10808 Maintenance and supervision of all Work related to power supply and repair
3 Rupesh Sharma Sub engineer - Maintenance and supervision of all Work related to Civil construction and repair
4 J.R. Thakur Sub engineer 98274-71770 Maintenance and supervision of all Work related to Water supply and repair
5 Rajesh Solanki Sanitary Inspector 9424230532 Maintenance and supervision of all Work related to sanitary and repair
6 Gaouri Shankar Bavankar LDC 9926743769 Work related to Receipt and Dispatch
7 Firtu Ram Thakur Carpenter 98261-55883 Repairing work (Wooden)
8 Komal Sahu Carpenter 99074-09144 Assistance in Work of repairing (Wooden)
9 Hiran Sona Guard 8889572997 Pump-man
10 Sovind Uikey Guard 9074577203 Pump-man
11 Kumar Sona Pump Man 8889572997 Repairing work (Plumber )
12 MannuLal Sahu Peon 8827431812 Repairing work (Masonry)
13 MadhoRao Gardener 9926249650 Peon
14 Kamala Prasad Canchi Gardener 8871948693 Maintenance of Garden
15 Kamlesh Chandrakar Electrician 9893267072 Work of repairing (Power supply)
16 Motilal Nag Pump man 8982106700 Pump man
17 Lalit Dewangan Lascar 8103332064 Peon
18 Devendra Kaousik Pump man 99071-58563 Pump man
19 Tameshwer Kumar Gardener 95898-26147 Maintenance of Garden
20 Ramesh Sweeper - Cleaning and Sanitation
21 Nand Kumar Sweeper - Cleaning and Sanitation
22 Babu Lal Sweeper - Cleaning and Sanitation
23 Vivek Sonkar Sweeper - Cleaning and Sanitation
24 Mrs. Shanti Bai Sweeper - Cleaning and Sanitation
25 Mrs. Sandhya Bai Sweeper - Cleaning and Sanitation
26 Antu Ram Gardener - Maintenance of Garden
27 Narsinh Rao Gardener - Maintenance of Garden
7 Somnath Thakur Attendant - Maintenance of Garden

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