Proctorial Board

The office of the Proctor functions within the University to maintain the discipline among the students. It is done through the body known as Porctorial Board of four members constituted for two years as per provisions of the University Act. The Board has powers to recommend penalty prescribed in the cases of indiscipline. In the case of indiscipline within Campus, also there is a provision of constituting Discipline Committee consists of Proctor as Convener, the Dean Student Welfare, Professor In charge Students Union (UTD), Joint Proctor, Warden of the Hostels, President, Students Union (UTD), two students nominated by the Kulpati as other members.

In addition, the office of the Proctor regulates the transportation facility with the twelve University Vehicles and supervises over the Security Forces maintaining security within Campus dividing the entire Campus area into fifty check points.

The present structure of the Proctorial Board is as below:

1 Prof. Ashish Srivstava Proctor 9424215539 [email protected]
2 Prof. Ravindra Bramhe Joint Proctor 9827110259 [email protected]
3 Prof. Ansuiya Baghel Joint Proctor 9981067934 [email protected]
6 Prof. Rajeev Choudhary Joint Proctor 9691460272 [email protected]

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